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Lincoln City Council Does Not Approve REIA as Official Roads End Neighborhood Voice

At the July14, 2014 Lincoln City Council meeting a halt was put on provisionally accepting the REIA as the official Roads End neighborhood voice or Roads End Homeowners Association because representatives of another Roads End group came forward to say they don’t want to be left out – especially as it might affect their property rights. Doug Wride, a ranking member of the recently formed Roads End Property Owners (REPO) said they’re concerned about the fate of their properties, strongly hinting on their REPO website that REIA’s Board and President intend to place limits and restrictions on those who own VRDs. Wride said if REIA is to be the official voice of Roads End residents, REPO wants their own opinions to be taken seriously as well.

Suzanne Young also drove down from her home in Portland area to back the information given by Doug Wride since she owns a beach house in Roads End.  There seems to be a lack of trust among many of the Roads End property owners since Doug Wride indicated that over 50 people joined REPO in the last couple of days.  This whole issue appears to be a result of an overall feeling that people are no longer represented by their representatives at all levels of government, including Home Owner Associations.   People in the audience were impressed with the “breath of fresh air” and openness of the REPO folk’s approach.

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